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Support RapScript

8. May 2020

You can help us to improve RapScript. There are several way to support us.

Spread the word

  • Tell other rappers who love to freestyle and want to improve their skills or show them off.
  • Use RapScript at your local cypher (the fullscreen is opimized for projectors).
  • Record yourself using RapScript and share it.
    If you use the hashtag #rapscript we can also find and promote your videos.

Share your Beats

We want to add more beats to our Soundcloud playlist. The one that is included in the words page.
If you are a producer you can send us links via Mail or the social media profiles below.

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Send Ideas, Give Feedback and Report Errors

Tell us if you have an idea on how to improve RapScript or if you encounter an error.

You can send us a mail or use our feedback form.