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Rapscript Relaunch – Complete Make Over

26. January 2014

Since 2008 Rapscript brings you random words to rap. But over time the site got crowded as we added more and more new features like the beat player and the comments section. The main design was constant all these years but now it’s time for a big make over. We build the new website from scratch with an complete new backend and frontend.

This news blog will keep you up-to-date about the website, the app and what else is going on with Rapscript.

You might have notice the site moved to (new Facebook page as well). This is the new domain for the international version of Rapscript. The German version remains under


  • new design: complete redesign, new logo and new colors
  • new structure: the old website got more and more crowded as is grew over time. It’s was more than necessary to split things up. For now we have 3 pages.
    • home
    • words
    • news
  • word player: new simple design and finer intervals from 2 to 12 seconds
  • chat: The words site feature are a chat to connect to other mcs using Rapscript.
  • comments with disqus: We added disqus comments to the news section. Disqus allows to login with your facebook, twitter or Google+ account. No more captchas but still spam free comments.

Besides that we have lot more in store for you. A mayor word list improvement is in the making and we are working on the next update for the iOS App.

But the biggest is going down tonight! From 8pm Pacific Time Rapscript is also a part of the iRap platform on There you can freestyle to beats and random words from Rapscript in a livestream.

Send us your Rapscript videos: We are collecting performances with the new Rapscript website to feature the best ones in a Hall of Fame on the page.

Check the news frequently, subscribe to the Rapscript newsletter or go to the Rapscript Facebook page to get all the news first hand.

As everything is new there might be some bugs or dead links in the site. Help us improving the Rapscript page and post issues in the comments or send feedback via mail to

Your Rapscript Team R-dent & Zero2012