the freestyle rap word generator

Everything okay so far – Small changes after the launch

7. February 2014

So it is 2 weeks since we relaunched the site and since then everything worked as we hoped it would. We’ve got a lot of positive feedback and were mentioned in a few online publications.

We want to thank you for the support and for using our service! As this is a spare time project, this means a lot to us.


As we launched, there were a few bugs and shortcomings that we fixed in the last weeks.

  • First there was a bug that displayed the word larger than the boundaries of the screen. We fixed this one and it should never happen again!
  • On launch, we built the fullscreen/cypher mode in a way that still showed the address- and icon-bars of your browser. We extended this to use the fullscreen functions of your browser. It is now real fullscreen and much less distraction when you are rapping with the words.
  • If you didn’t get what the controls were all about: We added an information bar that appears when you are hovering over the controls.

We hope you like the improvements! If you find any bugs or have an idea for a feature, write us an to or leave a comment in the section below. Our next step is an update of the iPhone app. We hope we can show off the new version in a couple of weeks. Peace! And keep on flowin!

Your Rapscript Team R-dent & Zero2012