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Improved Fullscreen

10. May 2020

We improved the word display on full-screen mode. If you have a large monitor or use a projector, the words are now much bigger. We hope that helps you use it in videos or live.

Pantalla completa mejorada

Mejoramos la visualización de la palabra en el modo de pantalla completa. Si tienes un monitor grande o usas un proyector, las palabras son ahora mucho más grandes. Esperamos que eso te ayude a usarlo en videos o en sesiones en vivo.


Thanks for 500 Likes! New beats and we still need more!

4. May 2020

(Lee aquí en español)
To celebrate 500 likes of our SoundCloud playlist, we added 7 new beats.

They were sent from Andreas K, Da Shepparts and Y u So rud DUD. Enjoy them in the RapScript Beats playlist and check out their music on SoundCloud.

new rapscript freestyle beat titles

We are constantly looking for more freestyle instrumentals (without big pauses or voice intros/samples).
Send us your SoundCloud links per Mail, Facebook or direct on SoundCloud, and we will put them into the playlist.


¡Hola Argentina! – ¿Cómo se enteró de nosotros?

4. March 2018

(No hablamos español lo siento por cualquier error.)

Desde mediados de febrero, recibimos muchos visitantes de Sudamérica, especialmente de Argentina. Y no tenemos idea de por qué.

Si eres de Sudamérica, sería bueno saber cómo nos encontraste. Tal vez hay un gran video por ahí tenemos que ver y compartir.


RapScript iOS App 2.0 released

16. October 2015

The 2.0 version of RapScript is finally out and available to download!

What’s new?



Italian And Portuguese Random Words

25. June 2015

It has been quit for some time, but now we meet up for the next coding camp to introduce some major improvements to RapScript.

Today we release two new languages so now all MCs rapping in Italian and Portuguese can get random words and inspiration


Everything okay so far – Small changes after the launch

7. February 2014

So it is 2 weeks since we relaunched the site and since then everything worked as we hoped it would. We’ve got a lot of positive feedback and were mentioned in a few online publications.

We want to thank you for the support and for using our service! As this is a spare time project, this means a lot to us.


Rapscript Relaunch – Complete Make Over

26. January 2014

Since 2008 Rapscript brings you random words to rap. But over time the site got crowded as we added more and more new features like the beat player and the comments section. The main design was constant all these years but now it’s time for a big make over. We build the new website from scratch with an complete new backend and frontend.